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What Are Some Things To Do in Tupelo, MS?

There are plenty of things to do in Tupelo, MS, whether you are interested in art , history or fun ! Let us get the mandatory sightseeing out of the way: you simply must pay the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley a visit at his official place of birth . Next to the house, there is an Elvis museum. Another historical element of this city is the Civil War Battlefields fought in the 1800s, including both the Tupelo National Battlefield and the Brices Cross Roads National Battlefield. The Tupelo Auto Museum and the Tupelo Buffalo Park are two other landmark spots that every tourist waits to see.

Beyond these landmarks, you can look for the Tupelo Furniture Market (an event where thousands of furniture retailers meet) and the Tupelo Flea Market, where there is furniture, arts, crafts and clothes. The Elvis Presley Festival is very popular and brings in tourists from all over the country. The Tupelo Mall provides a variety of name-brand stores, though there are just as many small shops scattered around the downtown area. Here you can find antiques and crafts.

There are several Tupelo attractions scattered all around the city, so it might make sense to customize a tour package for you and your family. For example, Sweet Magnolia Tours handles all travel plans including a custom-made itinerary, local transportation, hotel and lodging, attractions, restaurants, nightclubs, bars and a tour service with professional guide.

The Tupelo Automobile Museum features 120,000 square feet of vehicle displays and is a favorite among car enthusiasts, not to mention historians. Over 100 antique cars are stored on-site. The collection of cars is believed to be over $6 million in value. One of the cars presented was actually owned by Elvis Presley.

Don't forget to spend some quality time outdoors at Tupelo Park. Tupelo parks and recreation areas offer seasonal swimming, tennis courts, tracks, softball fields, playground equipment, skate parks and other amenities. There are also several camping sites in the area, such as the Campground At Barnes Crossing, the Davis Lake Rec Area NF Campground, the Natchez Trace RV Park and the Tombigbee State Park.

With the wide variety of fun things to do in Tupelo, MS, you are sure to enjoy yourself and keep your family amused. Whether you fancy arts, entertainment or culture there is plenty to see here! This is a city of history, of heritage, and most of all, of fun.

Address: Main Street Tupelo, MS 38804
Website: Click here for website
Prepare yourself for 3 days dedicated to the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley!

Being the birthplace of Elvis Presley, Tupelo is proud to offer a wide variety of exciting and interesting events to celebrate his life.

There is something to suit everyone from the 5K "Running with the King" to watching the Elvis Festival parade roll by just as it did on the day of Elvis' homecoming to Tupelo in 1956.

Your little princess could be crowned "Queen for a King" at the Beauty Pageant or taking part in the children's activity areas.

Does your pet look like Elvis? Enter him into the Elvis Look-A-Like Pet Parade - Registration Saturday Morning - Spring Street - 10:30 a.m.

And you'll want to participate in the Fling with the King Disc Golf Tournament!

There will also be a Carnival Midway, an Elvis Movie Poster Exhibit... you can even catch a Shuttle to the Birthplace and see where the legend began.

Sunday will host a Gospel Concert highlighting the importance this music had on Elvis as a young man.

And to Finish the Festival in Style, The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Competition will take place! You just won't believe some of the contestants!!

And How can we talk about an Elvis Festival without mentioning the MUSIC???

Everywhere you go, music will be in the air. Some would say that's the MOST important thing about the festival. Here's what's scheduled for your listening pleasure!


Friday June 4, 2010

Robert Earl Keen, Shannon McNally and Hot Sauce, Nash Street, Rocket 88, Braden Land and Jon McLeod

Saturday June 5, 2010

Paul Thorn, Cowboy Mouth, Busted Screen Door, John Milstead Band, Velvet Jones and Cooter Brown


Friday June 4 at 7:30 pm - Shawn Klush
Saturday June 5 at 7:30 pm - Brandon Bennett and Bill Cherry

To order tickets please call 662-841-6598.

As mentioned above, a Gospel Concert will be held Sunday June 6th 12:30 at The Elvis Presley Birthplace and Museum. The concert will feature Foyer Bozy, the Tupelo Community Choir, Landmarks, and The Martins

Tickets are $22 includes lunch and Gospel Concert

To order tickets please call 662-841-6598.

Check the events calendar for information about individual events

The Birthplace of Elvis Presley
The city of Tupelo, Mississippi, is located in
the center of one of the most historic regions
in the American South.

When Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto
first entered the area in 1541, this was the
home of the powerful Chickasaw Indians.
They fiercely resisted his advance into their

Two hundred years later the Chickasaw were
still resisting Europeans, but the enemy this
time was the French. Two major battles were
fought in the Tupelo vicinity in around 1736,
one of which is remembered today as the
Battle of Ackia. A major Chickasaw village
and fort site from this era is preserved on the
Natchez Trace Parkway on the western edge
of town. The site includes interpretive panels
and marked outlines of the fort and other

The Chickasaw eventually joined other Native
American nations on the Trail of Tears and
white settlers occupied their old fields and
town sites in the Tupelo area.

The historic Natchez Trace passed through
the Tupelo area. Early settlers from the Ohio
and Cumberland valleys used this path to
return home after floating their goods down
the Mississippi River to New Orleans.

By the time of the Civil War there was a
railroad siding and small settlement here
and the community attracted the attention of
both Union and Confederate forces.

Two significant battles were fought in the
Tupelo vicinity. The Battle of Brices Cross
Roads on June 10, 1864, was a major victory
for Southern general Nathan Bedford Forrest,
while the Battle of Tupelo on July 14-15 of
that year was more of a draw. Both sites are
now maintained by the National Park Service.

A somber reminder of the brutality of the Civil
War can be found on the Natchez Trace
Parkway just north of Tupelo, where a short
walking path follows a segment of the
original trace to the lonely graves of thirteen
unknown Confederate soldiers .
The Battle of Tupelo, Mississippi
On July 14-15, 1864, Union and Confederate
forces clashed at the Battle of Tupelo,

Fought within the limits of the modern city of
Tupelo , the critical engagement helped
assure the success of Sherman's Atlanta
Campaign by diverting the attention of the
Confederacy's "Wizard of the Saddle," Nathan
Bedford Forrest.

Much of the battlefield has been lost to time
and development, but the National Park
Service maintains a small one acre tract near
the point where Confederate attacks struck
Union defensive lines.

The Battle of Tupelo took place after General
William Tecumseh Sherman ordered his
subordinate, Major General A.J. Smith, to
march south from Memphis and "follow
Forrest to the death, if it costs 10,000 lives
and breaks the Treasury."

Major General Nathan Bedford Forest had
already smashed one Union army at nearby
Brices Cross Roads and Sherman feared
that he might move into Tennessee and cut
the supply lines of the Union army then
fighting its way into Georgia.

After maneuvering for several days, Smith
found himself confronted at Tupelo by Forrest
and his commanding officer, Major General
Stephen D. Lee. Fully aware of the danger of
fighting the creative Forrest on an open field,
Smith ordered his men to dig in and wait for
the Confederates to attack.

Left with no choice but to assault the
Federals in their strongly prepared positions,
Forrest and Lee unleashed a series of
vicious attacks against the Union lines.

Although both Forrest and Lee were highly
competent and battle-tested commanders,
their tactics at Tupelo were out of character.
The attacks were uncoordinated and the
assault points poorly selected. The Southern
army was badly bloodied. Forrest himself
was wounded in the fighting.

The birthplace of American music and home to the fourth longest river in the world, Mississippi is an incredible state with beaches, forests, wildlife, parks, and of course some of the best food kids will ever experience (Just like Momma made!)

The state was home to some of the country's bloodiest battles, and sites like Vicksburg National Military Park are perfect stops for those little history buffs, and some museums continue these stories like the Armed Forces Museum. Of course, the incredibly diverse history can be found in other museums like the Delta Blues Museum and Museum of the Mississippi Delta!

Step back in time in nature with the Mississippi Petrified Forest, and kids will love exploring the stunning state parks - including Roosevelt, Holmes County and Clarkco - just to name a few!

Kids will love to cool off in summer with waterparks like Barnacle Bills or Geyser Falls, very cool animals are waiting at places like The Gator Ranch or Hattiesburg Zoo, and they can even test a space shuttle engine at the NASA Infinity Science Center!

And what would a trip to Mississippi be without exploring those rivers! Eco Tours of South Mississippi is just one place that has you covered!

Embrace that old Deep South, and let kids soak up the magic!
Other soldiers of the war, both Union and
Confederate, are buried in cemeteries
throughout the area.
The modern cit y of Tupelo was incorporated
in 1870 and has grown into a prosperous
commercial and tourism center.

Elvis Presley, the "King of Rock and Roll,"
was born in Tupelo on January 8, 1935. The
little frame house where he was born and
lived during his childhood days is now
preserved as the centerpiece of a beautiful
memorial park. A museum, chapel and
statue of Elvis in boyhood also stand on the

Tupelo also preserves several other points of
interested associated with the life of Elvis
Presley. The city is the perfect base for
exploring the rich history, Civil War sites and
beautiful rolling hills of Northeast
Mississippi. It is also a major stopping point
for visitors to the Natchez Trace Parkway.

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